The calculator allows you to enter information about your existing loan and compare it to a repayment loan. In the next step, you can enter an effective annual interest rate on your repayment loan.

The calculator shows you how much the loan amount and the monthly repayment installment are based on the current market interest rates.

You can generate a financing request directly from the result: Enter your place of residence and the relevant data for mortgage lending.

Wait with either the early repayment of the loan until the expiration of the fixed period or you calculate in advance whether the repayment despite prepayment interest for you financially still worthwhile.

Replace mortgages

For financial transactions, of course, the consumer will be charged fees. But this is especially true if the tariffs are not met or another provider is selected during the duration.

In addition, spending can increase sharply if a variable interest rate is set in the contract. Depending on the market situation, interest rates may rise every three to six months.

For a precise view of the interest expenditure, the computers in the network should be used. In most cases, contracts for home savings are closed during puberty in order to have a reasonable financial buffer in the event of late mortgage lending. If the termination occurs within the statutory seven-year term, the full amount saved plus interest is paid to the account holder.

Understandably, you want to repay the loan amount as soon as possible with a mortgage lending. Because it can be that so clearly increased expenses are calculated by interest. Criticized are, for example, the excessive interest in the current accounts and the settlement of Good Finance. The same applies to the interest on a loan.

Mortgage lending and building savings


Does anyone have experience with mortgage lending and building savings? Not yet. the home savings contracts (Good Finance contract)

A good day together, I would like to move into a home with my host family in the coming years. Good day, Good Credit, it’s great that you’re already working on homebuilding. Not only your financial budget is important for the bid comparison, but also the overall financing framework and the target and effective interest rates.

Especially for financings with Good Finance contracts, the effective interest rate is often significantly higher than that of alternatives without one.

This is due to the comparatively high closing fee for a DIY store contract. The interview will show you what your wallet looks like when you buy a property and what a good financing option looks like. It is always important to know how much money I can pay off.

Financial reserves


It is always important to have the highest possible own funds. If you do not have a chance to make a special repayment, the first deposit rate is better because you have to manually calculate what is better, a general tip that I can not give you here is the financial reserves and saves opportunities from the series.

Good afternoon. Good Credit. The monthly loan rate has increased slightly compared to the bank loans printed in EURO, but the loan is being repaid faster.

This also means that the Good Finance contract must be used within the first seven years for residential purposes, then it is irrelevant. Otherwise, lending always costs a lot of money, which you have to have first.